From the Rabbi

This space is a center of information about any number of virtual events that are taking place with PSJC, including classes, weekday minyanim, Hebrew School, and our "Virtual PSJC" site which provides us with many ways to connect around Shabbat —from zoom-based Kabbalat Shabbat services just before Shabbat and Havdallah at the close of Shabbat, to resources for celebrating Shabbat in your home and a taste of PSJC’s Shabbat morning celebrations (via recordings of Torah reading, Haftarah, and a Dvar Torah each week). We will also be posting a Shabbat Text Study each week, with questions geared toward children, teens and adults alike. 

I know this is far from ideal as a way to be together, but our community is strong, and we will continue to hold onto one another as best we can, and to build even stronger bonds of emotional and spiritual connection—connections that will carry us through these anxious and uncertain times. 


Please never hesitate to reach out if we can be of support to you, and thank you for reaching out to one another throughout this time.


Stay safe and healthy,


Rabbi Carie Carter

Shalom, PSJC!


Welcome to our new “virtual center”, a site for all of us to connect during this time of physical distancing.  Here, we will have resources to help as you manage your own situation during this trying time, and information about how to volunteer to help one another, even amidst the limitations placed upon us. 

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